Path to Health is the health and wellness practice of Registered Holistic Nutritionist Michelle Weir.

Path to Health takes an integrated approach to reaching, maintaining and enhancing overall health by balancing all aspects of a person’s life from diet and stress to exercise and sleep.

Using live blood cell microscopy to help identify nutritional imbalances and to monitor progress through each client’s own unique protocol, Michelle Weir addresses a wide range of health issues including digestive and intestinal health, type 2 diabetes, detoxification, blood pH management, stress management and weight loss. Children’s health and cancer prevention are also areas of special interest.

Path to Health is dedicated to optimizing health and wellness by treating the whole person and operates currently as part of the Blueprint Wholistic Health Clinic.

Assessing the River of Life

By its very nature, blood can serve as a predictor of health and provide an indication of illness well before symptoms appear. Path to Health is among the few holistic nutritional practices to employ live blood cell microscopy to gain unique insight into the health of this vital bodily fluid.

Image of Health and Unhealthy Blood Cells

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